2 or more licenses used simultaneously

I have purchased 1 (one) Audirvana Origin license and I notice that the program does not ask me to enter the license number but only my email and password. In case of acquiring a second license in my name for simultaneous use on 2 Macs, how will the system distinguish one license from another, since this situation could cause me operating difficulties. Thanks in advance.

I have 2 subscriptions to Audirvana Studio. I’m using 2 separate e-mail addresses. I guess it works the same for Origin, but Antoine should be able to clarify that.

Please, somebody could give some certain about my request? I need to purchase a second licence in my name and I ´m not sure which is the correct procedure in order to avoid further inconvenients. In case you are not sure about this, someone knows a place where I can send the question to Audirvana people? Thanks

@Antoine will see your message here Monday morning France time


Thanks a lot for replay and sorry! Kind regards

Hello @oscargarcia,

If you want to use Audirvāna Origin on two computers at the same time, you will need two accounts, this is how we can distinguish one to the other and this is also why you will not have to log again each time you go from a computer to the other.

Thank you very much Antoine. Very clear

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