3.2 now not working

Been using A+ for years and I recently tried to install a trial of 3.5 on my MacBook. I didn’t realize this was not possible if I already owned an earlier license. But now when I go to open my 3.2 version it gives me the same message. “There is no valid license available”.

How to I restore my license so I can use this software again? I dont have the license key stored anywhere anymore.

PLease help!

Hello @Paperinoil, have you uninstalled Audirvana 3.5 before opening 3.2?

Hello, Damien. Yes, I’ve uninstalled 3.5 completely. Every time I try to launch 3.2 I get the message about my license.

@Paperinoil, That mean you may have a damaged preferences file.
To reset it, open the Terminal application, and enter the following two commands:

defaults delete com.audirvana.Audirvana-Plus
defaults delete com.audirvana.Audirvana

Please note you’ll be asked for your license key when you’ll relaunch Audirvana for the first time after this.

Well that would be a problem since I no longer have that info, and is the crux of my issue.

Is there anything else I can do to use this software again without my license key?

@Paperinoil, If you need your license key I can provide you this information in a private message.

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Damien, that would be wonderful and very helpful. Please PM me.

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