3.5.20, no "add to playlist" option

Due to death of it’s original internal drive, I did a completely fresh install on a 2012 Mac Mini. El Capitan, and A 3.5.20. I did not use any prior prefs, or other links; after installation I linked the folder on my Synology NAS that has all my music files.

Almost everything is working great—am still playing with SoX, but overall sound and UI is really good. (Have been using A+ since 1.x) No problems using the remote app either.

BUT, although I can create playlists, when I click on tracks (at the … symbol) there is no “add to x playlist” choice. Soevrytime I’ve made a playlist, it stays empty. I also cannot import playlists (the choice is there, but when I select one (from 2.6.x, not from iTunes) nothing happens. I’m not sure if these are links, and it’s the inability to add tracks to a playlist that’s my main concern.

Since this was a totally fresh install of everything on a just formatted disc, I haven’t tried trashing prefs or re-instaling Audirvana, but that will be next.

Does anyone else have this problem, or a solution for it? I can provide more specifics if helpful.