3.5.34 macOS: User Interface not small enough

I would like to use 3.5 on my MacbookPro 2012, Display 1680x1050 but AV 3.5 requires too much space on the screen in the smallest possible adjustment (Play Queue). It’s close to 50% of the screen and I need space for other software alongside. (AV 3.2 was much smaller = better)
@Damien, please give us the possibility for more reduction in size!

I agree. IMO, there is something wrong with the UI design in 3.5 in general. It is apparently made using some non-standard, probably outdated tools, and things like text centering in columns, column width adjustment are just broken.
Plus, it’s a matter of taste, but it looks to me like some old Paradox database, quite antique and not too beautiful.

There is no need to forcefully fill all screen with some UI that violates all possible Apple UI guidelines, even if some users may like it.

Completely agree. I moved away from Audivarna and have been using Roon for a while, but they seem to be going the same way of making the UI as large and clumsy as possible. I appreciate that some people like that, but I still love a tabular option with customisable fields and formatting. The current text size is enormous and babyish.

I’m using both Roon and Audivarna now but I’m torn which to go for when my Roon license expires.

Now on 3.5.38 still the same. UI needs too much space on older Macs. @Damien Please!

Using Big Sur public beta, Audirvana 3.5.4 with 1152 x 648 resolution and I cannot fit all of window on the screen either without moving it over in order to see some buttons. Not being able to make the window smaller at this resolution is perplexing. It would be better if I could.

Can’t you click alt key and the green button to adjust perfectly ?