3.5.5 stuttering

I’m using 3.5.5 on an M1 mac mini and having terrible trouble getting any recording to play without stuttering, slowing down, or stopping and screeching at me. It’s a large library–221,000 tracks, but I can’t imagine that’s causing the problem, and this happens with streaming from Qubuz, too, although slightly less severe, which makes me think the library size isn’t a factor.

The external hard drive on which the music is stored is connected to the Mac through a powered USB hub; could that be part of the problem? (But I don’t have enough ports on the Mac to hook it up directly.)

Much of my library is made up of files ripped from LPs at 96/24, but that shouldn’t pose a problem for Audirvana, I assume. I’ve got some AU plugins operating (Goodhertz CanOpener and Mid-Side), but if I disengage them, it doesn’t seem to make much difference in the problem.

I’ve got Exclusive Access, Integer Mode, and Large CoreAudio engaged, if that might make a difference. And I’ve got upsampling set at power of two, with all the SoX filters set at their default positions.

The signal from the Mac Mini is going into a PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC, which should not be posing any problems.

I would appreciate any suggestions, advice, or observations you guys might have to offer. Thanks.

Turn upsampling off, play bitperfect and see

Thanks, RunHomeSlow! Turning off upsampling has fixed the problem. You really made my day! And frankly, the upsampling wasn’t adding that much to the sound anyway, particularly when the files are 96/24 to begin with.

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What amount of system RAM do you have on your M1 MacMini?
What is the level of your pre-load memory?
Try remodulating your PCMxxx files to DSD128 with SoX, via DoP1.1 (DSD over PCM 1.1)
Set your Audio Units (AU) to use the [Experimental] new Audio Units API

I’m presuming you have your music library on an external storage device (HDD, SDD)

I personally remodulate all PCMxxx to DSD128, using Sox, and a maximum pre-load memory level of 11,701 MB on my 2016 i7 quad-core MBP w/16GB system RAM, with no problems.

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