3.5.50 + Qobuz not showing artists' albums correctly

In searching for John Mayer studio albums, what’s being presented is every album where the artist is credited instead of the full albums released by the artist…
Is there something wrong with the Qobuz integration?

Yes, I can exactly replicate your point with 3.5.50 and Qobuz.
SEARCH does not work correctly. I don’t know if it is caused by Audirvana or Qobuz. If I remember correctly this issue has been there from the beginning.


@Antoine any comments on this ?


Hi guys, it’s because of the way albums was sent by Qobuz when we have done the integration of it in Audirvāna 3.5. Albums were not labeled as Albums, Single, Live or Other. This is why you end-up in a situation like you have on the 3.5. It has been changed in Audirvāna Studio and you longer have this issue on it.

Will there ever be a fix to 3.5 for those who don’t want to go the subscription route?

I don’t think there will be updates for 3.5.


No, we stopped updating the 3.5 since the launch of Audirvāna Studio 2 years ago.

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