3.5 is a whole new ballgame

I’ve been using Audirvana since the beginning, and each upgrade has helped make things a bit better. But this new 3.5 version is an entirely different experience. My music has NEVER sounded this good. The first time I listened, I had to look twice at my Mac to make sure I wasn’t imagining it, but the difference was there on every recording–significantly quieter, more coherent, more present, and, most of all, more musical. Even records I thought I didn’t like are now engaging me, and that’s the real test for me. It’s not about specific frequency spectrum emphases or being able to hear a new tambourine part; it’s about do I want to keep listening? Do I find my toes tapping involuntarily? Do I find myself singing along or tearing up? That’s what I want out of my system, and Audirvana 3.5 gives me all of that in a measure I never thought to achieve. Well done, Damien!!!


Oh Yeah ! Me too :sunglasses:

Less clarity for me… too ‘soft’.
but hey, it’s a personal thing.

As per usual. hadn’t set up completely… sounds great.

Yes i am a fan too, though Roon is close to it and much better interface and i do like the mixing of streaming and files on the drive seamlessly, one playlist or shuffling the entire library, where Audirvana still has them seperate, can’t have everything I guess.


I just upgraded to 3.5.11 after a catastrophic drive failure. Al was backed up fortunately. I had the previous versions also, and this is a whole new ball game indeed. Love the sound quality. Question however, is there a manual for the new version or a manual of any kind. Ive never looked for one but at this point Id like to have it in my files, that is, if it exists. Appreciate any feedback on any directions as to where I can find and download it.

Even though Ive been an Audirvana user for about 3 years, Im brand new to this forum having been just a stalker for that time. Glad to be able to post and receive feedback and other discussions.


I just got 3.5 (Mac) and would very much like to have a manual. Is there one, and if so, where can it be downloaded?

Also been looking for a 3.5 manual. Some help around the replay gain & related options in particular.