3.5 version

I would like to get the 3.5 beta authorization. thanks!

+1 here please

I also would like to get the 3.5 beta authorization. thanks!


me too please. thank you so much!

Same here please. Thanks!

Another one here! Thx!

Has this been effective? Have you received the 3.5 beta?
Thanks in advance.

not for me. or I might miss something

The new 3.5 version for macOS is available in public beta for owners of version 3 for Mac.
To access it, enter your license key on https://audirvana.com/upgrade_3_5/


After synchronization with my NAS, all albums appear in duplicate… Is it normal ?.. (but fortunately not in version 3.2)


There was an issue I’ve now fixed. It caused such duplication when resynching a network share.
Can you first update to latest beta?
And then you need to delete the 3.5 database file, and redo the import from v3.2:
It is the file AudirvanaPlusDatabaseV2.sqlite located in ~/Library/Application Support/Audirvana
To access ~/Library with the Finder, you can use its Go menu while pressing the option (or alt) key. This reveals the Library command in this Go menu.