3.5.x iTunes Integration and wrong next track

I’m finding that when starting an album from iTunes using iTunes Integration mode, tracks played by Audirvana subsequent to the first are randomly selected from the library. That is, while iTunes shows the correct track playing, Audirvana shows and plays a different track. When I go back to v3.2, it all works well again. Ideas?



I am facing a similar issue; see a more recent post in the forum.

Same problem here. There does not seem to be any correspondence between what iTunes says it is playing and what Audirvana 3.5.10 is playing. As a result, iTunes play count and last played information are not accurate.

This is STILL not fixed in version 3.5.10 - what the heck???

Still not fixed in 3.5.10. I just finished migrating from El Capitan to Mojave and reinstalling everything on the off-chance that might help. When using the iTunes integrated mode in Audirvana and turning shuffle on in iTunes, the first track plays correctly. For all subsequent tracks, iTunes shows a different track playing than what Audirvana is actually playing. While the shuffle “works” in the sense that different songs are played, the disconnect between Audirvana and iTunes means that the play count and last played information are not being updated in iTunes. This defeats how I have my smart playlists set up in iTunes (updating based on last played information) and results in the same songs being played over and over again. When I quit Audirvana and just play directly from iTunes, everything works as it is supposed to.

Just out of interest, why use iTunes intigration at all… I came across Audirvana because I was looking for an alternative to iTunes, wanting more control over my music; or rather less control by Apple of how I use my tech. The improvement in listening quality was a bonus i hadn’t realised I could have!
Back to point, why use itunes at all?

Not relevant to this thread - but my metadata is carefully curated over the years in iTunes; not to mention the fact that overall visualization/layout of large libraries is infinitely superior to Audirvana’s native mode. It’s a no-contest, really. So yes: integrated mode MUST be fixed.

I use the iTunes integration mostly because of how I use shuffle to listen. Specifically, I use multiple nested smart playlists that automatically update based on last played and play count information (Audirvana still doesn’t support nested smart playlists). Instead of a random shuffle, the system I use plays more highly rated tracks more often and automatically updates so that it does not play the same track too often. After trying Audirvana’s native mode without iTunes, I found that the playlists were nowhere near sufficient to accomplish this. The metadata is another consideration. I have everything complete in iTunes and am not interested in trying to re-enter it all.

Interesting replies. Thanks.
Got lost at ‘multiple nested playlists’, but interesting nonetheless.
I just think, oh, I fancy listening to ‘********’, select it and hit play.
Don’t like tracks played in wrong order on album.
Pretty much always listen to albums rather than individual tracks.
These are all personal preference.

The question I now have is, once the metadata is entered into a song file why does it not remain same whichever software you use to play the file?

The workaround for iTunes giving in advance the wrong next track is implemented in 3.5.11 that has been released today.

I can confirm all is good again with version 3.5.11; thanks a lot, Damien!

Problem has not gone away.

Don’t now how to fix it. Tried restarting Audirvana. Still doesn’t work.

I am on Audirvana Mac Version 3.5.46 (3576)
macOS 11.3.0 with 8192MB RAM.