3 months Tidal trial - link does not work

I just purchased Audirvana 3.5.
I tried to use the 3-months free Master trial from the link (that I cannot find anymore), but I could only subscribe to the standard 1-month free trial.
How might I convert it to the promised 3 months?
I asked Tidal, but they wrote me to pass them the received promo code… but Audirvana did not send me a promo code… only a NON-WORKING link.

Many thanks

Have you used Tidal before?

No, I did create my first Tidal account after Audirvana purchase (currently I have Spotify Premium and Apple Music… and I’m to decide if to pass or not to Tidal)

Maybe in territory where you live this offer is not available. The best you can do is to engage with Tidal customer support and try to convince them to grant you extended trial.

Same here - I just bought Audirvana, clicked on the link for my 3 month trial of Tidal and only option was one month. When I go back into Audirvana it tells me that the voucher code has already been issued, but it never was.

Tidal tell me I need to get a new voucher code from Audirvana as they can’t issue them.

Please send me a new voucher code!

UK based so offer is valid.

Have you subscribed to or tested Tidal before?

No - I assume that if I had then the one month trial wouldn’t have been an option?

Probably, but there is no voucher involved. At least I don’t remember using one. You just sign up through Audirvana. If course it needs to be an email unknown to Tidal.

@OohCD, I sent you a private message with a link to activate your 3 month trial, have you tried it? To go to your private message on the forum click on your icon on the top right.

Hi - yes, I did receive that, thanks. I meant to mention that in my earlier reply but forgot! I forwarded the code to Tidal, so hopefully they can sort it out.

Hi, I am having the same issue as @OohCD. @Antoine, could you send me a link to activate the 3 month trial please?

@Antoine I am having the same issue with Tidal trial - no 3 month trial available. Could you send me a voucher please?

Hello @Laurence, what is the mail you used for your purchase of Audirvana?

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