3 Plus

Well here we are, March 1st and still no version 3, and no updates on when. Was supposed to out by the end of January. Guess I’ll have to seek another way to play Tidal MQA files, which has been available since the first of 2017. Promises, promises. If I have to spend money on an MQA capable DAC I’ve have to think about popping money for a version 3 update.

If you want high res you may well find you’re better off downloading and playing the files without suffering the lossy compression of MQA, or online streaming from a supplier that streams non-lossy formats, the only benefit of MQA being if you have a borderline internet connection spead where full high res won’t stream but 48/24 will iwthout hitch.

I wrote this sentences somewhere before, but I write it again here, too.

I asked the release date of Audirvana plus 3 on February 28th through e-mail on this site.

I got reply on February 28th from Damien as follows.

He says
“The development and the release candidate phase of Audirvana Plus 3 are now complete.
I’m currently completing the setup of the license server. This should be done by tomorrow(i.e. March 1st), for an official release coming just after.”

Best regards,
Damien Plisson

Thanks! I can’t wait to try it.

I have Amarra 4 and Pure Music 3. A+ sounds better on my system than the others and I have high hopes for continued audio improvements with A+3!

Damien says there is an SQ bump in the 3.0 version. Wish I could get it to hear for myself…

I’d like to hear anything from version 3

I can’t say whether I would or not until knowing whether the problems and limitations numbers of us have been requesting for a long time now have been fixed.

This lack of communication is really frustrating. According to Damien, the release has been ready since early February and all that is holding it up is the new licensing setup that no longer uses the License file. A month is way too long to get that taken care of and working. I know, I have setup stuff up like this in a past life.

I am starting to think I made a mistake buying this software. I always worry when you have a single person responsible for an product. Communication and support should not take days to get. Damien doesn’t answer emails in a timely manner. He doesn’t participate on his own forum. His Facebook page is not a reliable communication method either. Is this a hobby or a business? If it’s a hobby, he needs to tell people that. If it is a business, he needs to step up and treat it like one.

I guess it is time to search for a better solution. If I can’t find it for a Mac, I will setup a PC to do it. What a pain in the ass…