32 bit output Asio

I am using usually Asio output. In Foobar it’s sounds great.

But with Audirvana this sounds not so good.
Audirvana upsampling 16Bit to 32 Bit. Then my Audiodevice downsampling the music to 24Bit.

Because of 2x new resampling of the original music, the sound quality goes worse.

Have you tried without upsampling? Which DAC do you have?

From 16 to 32 bit is not upsampling but padding. From 32 to 24 with 16 bit signal values ​​should remain bit perfect.

When we talk about upsampling it is 44.1khz to 192khz for example. Here you actually change the signal.

This isn’t to say it doesn’t sound worse, but in theory it shouldn’t be because of bit depth.

It is CM6631A Chip with Asio4all.
It is an Interface Module USB to IIS SPDIF.

So what exactly is the problem?

Audirvana play the music with 32Bit and not 16Bit, as original file.

That’s normal, on the right side you’ll see the bit-width the USB interface presents to Audirvana. Regardless of what bit depth file you play, you’ll always see 32/xxx.

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