90 Seconds to Load Library View After Search

Hello Audirvana Boards,

I’m running 2.6.8 on El Capitan. After viewing results of a search, it takes 90 seconds for A+ to load the library view. I have about 4,0000 albums and 50,0000 tracks. It is frustrating to browse and select music with this delay. Is this a typical time to wait?


had the same issue, through the new written libray database from Daimien. Type in the seach field a letter, delete it and you are done.

Drowngrade to 2,6.4 or so doesnt work. you need to delete the complete libray von audirvan.
Or you go to 3.0

Can you make a defragmentation of your library? File menu => Library => Optimize database…

Library defragmentation does help a lot!