A+2 vs. A+3 sounddifference?


I have a fundamental question:

If you don´t have a MQA DAC, is there a difference with a normal DAC in the quality of the sound between A+ 2.6.6 and A+ 3?


Not all positive - people say there’s less bass, and lots of people are playing around with the filters to try to get the sound right.

And I gather the library problems are still not fixed.

I don’t where you’ve read this. BTW, what is your own opinion?

And which library problems are you referring too?
The main bias of the support forums is that you read only the support requests from the few users who have issues, not post from the happy ones…

Hi Damien, thanks for responding. I’ve read about less bass, and people having to play with filters it to get the sound best, on the Computer Audiphile forum. I haven’t tried for myself because I’m waiting for the library facility to work better, and as I don’t stream online MQA has no interest to me.

Re library, there have been numerous issues raised by others on here, but for me the main thing would be an option for folder view to enable browsing by file structure, given that a substantial proportion of my music files have inconsistent and some absent metadata - there have been a number of threads requesting this, a recent one ‘Welcome back Damien, when you have a moment’ where someone has described the same requirement in detail.

Yes if you upsample you have to play with filters…
If you don’t and just play the music like it is… no filters need…

The difference is very easy to feel for my setup since v3 is out…
Much more nice imaging of music, i would not go back 2.6.6 for sure.

@Cantha: there is already the ability to directly drop in the Play Queue files/folders from the Finder for users who use the Finder folders structure to organise their library.
There are already mechanisms to help cope with incomplete metadata, like guessing missing ones:

  • track title: from the file name
  • album title: from the folder name
  • album artist name: from the folder containing the album folder

When you’ll use the trial version you’ll find how this works well for you.

Hi Damien,

I note your response to Cantha, however whilst I am using AUdirvana like that myself, it is a hassle when using an iPad and VNC to control a headless Mac Mini, taking more steps than is desirable for hifi music play.

And I tried the metafpdata fixing tools to ‘create’ albums but it is only partially successful, and I have many albipums A+ doesn’t find, or are in unexpected places. With 100s of files to fix manually I simply haven’t a hope of doing it, meanwhile browsing and choosing music is a chore, which it shouldn’t be. Is there some reason why you can’t add the option of browsing purely by file structure? THat way my albums would foll neatly into mine and other family members’ collections, and then into my choice of genres, with artists then named consistently (e.g. Roger Waters will not have some albums under R and others under W), and most importantly every album I have will be visible and easy to find and select.
This really would make a fundamental difference to ease of use and enjoymentbof A+, which is notbthe case at the moment.
Thanks in anticipation, Paul