A+ 3.0.x and System Optimizer

I have clean installed and deleted the database file and this still happens:

Any time I turn on the system optimizer and try to play a track, the app says it optimizing the system but never finishes. I have left in that state for over an hour just to be sure. I have replaced the kext so direct mode works.

Anyone else experience this? Very frustrating…

Once you initiate the system optimizer there should be no reason to turn it on and off again. The question is “when you install System Optimizer” the first time, does it install without any error. You might want to try exiting all running applications, and try listening to music. Also you might want to try different settings in System Optimizer, there are 3 options Standard, Very High and Extreme. Go in and set to Stanard and see if that works.

Good luck.

Go to the main library folder… PrivilegedHelperTools folder… Trash the com.audirvana.Audirvana-Plus file
Go to the main library folder…LaunchDaemons folder… Trash the com.audirvana.Audirvana-Plus.plist

i can’t remember if you have to trash the folder of privilegehelpertools or just the file to remove the corruption…
but it won’t hurt your system if you do… happened to me too once

There is a caching issue in Sierra that causes the inability to reinstall SysOptimizer after having deleted its file manually. I’ve added a check for this and I’ve sent to Scott this patched build.
This fix will find its way in the 3.0.2