A+ 3.5 - DLNA streaming to Raspberry PI Volumio

Streaming to RPI UpNP Volumio renderer does not work in my A+ 3.5 setup.
Is there anybody who configured it to work properly?

yes, I have the same problem, with two RBP running a Volumio (or Rune) distribution, one via a DAC to the main HiFi system, and one on passive speakers via one HiFiBerry Amp+ card… and I can only use Airplay to get it work, instead I would prefer UPnP to enable more audio adjustments. The question wether the beta version would solve this problem was posted today on the French speaking forum… and I hope it will!

Damien is looking into a similar DLNA/UPnP problem with respect to streaming to a Yamaha CX-A 5000 (thread under Beta 3.5). Audirvana Plus Version 3.2 works fine as does AirPlay in both 3.2 and 3.5. The source of the problem has not been identified yet.

Same issue here with a Volumio RPi. Had no problems with earlier beta versions.

I downgraded Volumio (to 2.555 (18-02-2019)), and UPnP works in Audirvana 3.5 again.

I have two RBP fitted with HiFiBerry Digi+ or Amp+ installed on a multi-room system, and UPnP does work like a charm, not with Volumio but with MoOde Audio.
I had Volumio installed as a fist choice, but I had to give up for two reasons :

  • not only because the updated version wants you to buy either the “Virtuoso” or “Superstar” plans to get the Qobuz integration : I accept to pay for a software I use, but I don’t think this one is justifying a monthly fee…
  • but also because of an instability of the UPnP renderer.
    Now I switch all my RBP (+ 2 more installed for family or friend’s…) to MoOde, and all works fine : Qobuz (native app on IOS or through Audirvana 3.5 UPnP), Spotify, or NAS home library, Airplay or Bluetooth streaming from home’s or visitor’s smart phones… etc!

In anticipation of A3.5 correction I stream to Volumio through Foobar2000:
A3.5 -> Foobar2000 UPnP renderer -> DSD UPnP Volumio renderer -> AMP.
Works perfectly - Foobar is practically transparent.

Do MoOde suports USB CD drive connected to Raspberry?

CD play back and ripping not planned : see http://moodeaudio.org/forum/showthread.php?tid=1278

It is a pity; it does not suit me.

I am using DietPi with version 3.5 and it is working smoothly.

At present Audirvana works fine with latest Volumio on RPI. :grinning:

Hello, can i use MQA enabled DAC with volumio USBbridge with audirvana?