A+3.5+ how many remotes

Can i have a remote on my iPad Pro and my iPhone? When i try to use the iPad Pro remote it says put in the code on my Mac mini screen where do i find that?

Hello @bobbmd, since you are using the same apple account on your iPad and iPhone you should be able to use the Remote on both of them. Do you have a screen connected to your Mac mini?

@Antoine Yes i have a screen on Mac mini and BTW/FYI on my iPhone remote that 2616 tracks of GD Live in Chronological Order(my TIDAL playlists) IS in order oldest to most recent ie '66-'95! so am happy to play it in order from the phone to my main system!!
is that extra remote an additional cost? don’t really need it but where would the authorization code be found on my Mac mini screen
thanks again for your quick responses!

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@Antoine: Got it! Thanks and on the iPad that grateful dead 2616 track playlist is in chronological order just like my iPhone but not on on A+3 desktop—go figure eh?— others might make an issue of this and I think they have(on CA/AS) but I don’t care what order my other playlists are in.Thanks again for your very rapid responses!