A+3 inferior to A+2, regarding browsing & search engine

A+3 is even better than A+2 for sound quality, but this V3 IS EVEN INFERIOR to V2 regarding browsing and search engine, which were already awkward in the V2.
Here are 3 examples:

  1. the Cmd+L command no longer work in the “lecture en cours” window (“currently playing” ? I’m french, using french Audirvana) :unamused:

  2. songs found with the search engine often don’t list in the right order (=> movements of a concerto played in disorder !!!)
    unlike in A+2, they can NO LONGER BE SORTED in the Recherche or Navigation (“Search” ou “browsing” ?) windows. :astonished:

One has to find them again in the awkward search system of the Library window.

  1. The search system in the library windows force you to actually browse the list of all composers, then all artists for the composers then all album for this artists (i.e. browsing among my database 250 composers, then my 500+ artists for Mozart, then my 70+ list of Hogwood recordings of Mozart !!). :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

DAMIEN, :bulb: why not creating a simple INPUT MASK TO WRITE THE KEYWORDS to search the database ? (as is used fore Search in ALL database since 10 or 20 years . Even my 15yrs old daughter creates one to search in her Excel databases) :question: :question:

So sad, since the sound quality is so great.