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Damien: I went to the ‘upgrade’ it won’t accept my name ROBERT W. BURDICK,MD or my email: rburdic2@gmail.com for my 2.6.6 for my full version. There is a blue box with A+ says Audirvana Plus 3.0 and box with picture of my hard drive and below it says AudirvanaPlus_3.0.dmg on my startup page. Neither will open except to show the Audirvana Plus.app and the arrow to move it to Applications which I did. Should iI just purchase the A+ 3 as a new customer-I don’t care if I have to pay extra even though I already have a previous full version of 2.6.6. Please help I can’t wait to try this!!

You can use it in trial mode until Damien gets your straightened out with you software key.

Speedracer posted on computeraudiophile.com:

I have a couple of DSD64 files that played fine using A+ 2.6.6 but play at double speed using A+ 3.0. I tried changing all the setting that I could and it made no difference. Anyone else see this?

I have the same Problem. Anyone eles here?

Strange thing is, when I switch to internal audio device everything plays in normal speed.


That Speedracer guy is pretty smart!

But he hasnt got a solution either, hasnt he? :wink:

No, he does not!


If true that the problems with A+ haven’t been fixed yet, especially the library limitations, then to me don’t think the upgrade cost is worth it, let alone the full purchase cost! MQA is of doubtful value, no benefit really unless you have internet access only slightly better than needed for standard res Streaming, and not at all if you’re not interested in Tidal. Give me standard hi res any day! Interesting that Quobuz have apparently pulled

But quite aside from MQA, it would be nice to have a definitive list of new features, and a ‘road map’ for fixing any of the known issues/improvements that haven’t been addressed.

To ALL: Damien figured out what MY problem was
DO NOT Check the bottom box<RealTime…> in the Audio Units oreference box!
I now get TIDAL MQA and non MQA material, I now get Qobuz and iTunes integrated or otherwise
THANK YOU damien