A couple of UI questions about Audirvana Studio

  • Is it possible to sort albums under Local > Artists > Albums by release year rather than alphabetically? I can’t see any option to do it.

  • Is there a way to “see all” local albums by default rather than having to click “see all” where there is more than 1 row worth of albums?

  • Is “My Music” on the left hand navigation bar used exclusively for streaming services? There are no tracks in it and I can’t see a way to add them

  • Can you hide Radios and Podcasts from the sidebar? I don’t intend to use either of these features so I don’t need to look at them all the time.

Thanks for your help!


I can’t see any answers to these but all excellent suggestions.

I quite agree that it is unnecessary and should be improved in the “less is more” way.
If I may further your suggestion, the same niggle happens when you click on an artist name or a composer name.
Upon the click on the name, it displays albums by that artist or composer, but limits it to the same one line you describe, and also forces the user to click again on “See all”.

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