A+ crashes on playing song (Windows)

After completing the trial I went ahead and purchased a licence for AP (Windows 10). I was prompted to download a new version of A+ and am now on 1.20 (1034). When I try to play a track now A+ a dialogue box saying that A+ has exited unexpectedly and points me to the dump file. Any ideas anybody - I have sent a message to Support on the website but no response yet?

The dump files are can be accessed from this https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lc0otjcfr5c5bky/AABVSDHemJK5ZAwaGY-uEbtMa?dl=0

Thanks David
Wimbledon UK

Exactly the same in my system (Windows 10 64 bit with latest update).

Thank you for this report.

I’ve added an additional check to avoid this crash.

You’ll get in the release I’m making today.