A few feature requests for Studio

Environment: "Late 2013 Macbook Pro, macOS 10.14.6 “Mojave”, Audirvana Studio 1.4.5

#1: I rarely use playlists. I browse my local library to select a song or an album, and click play. When it finishes I scroll to another item, click play, etc. Usually, I don’t want to play the next song or album in my library list, but AS treats it like a playlist, and advances to the next item. This can be annoying when I am listening to soft music late at night, and AS switches to something really loud. Can we have a simple preference setting to disable automatic continuation through a playlist? Or a switch that disables treatment of the library list as a playlist?

#2: My music files are in a folder on a different computer (manual sync via WiFi). In AS the column views and sorting options allow me to sort tracks by “last modified date”. But what I see are the dates when tracks were added to the .sqlite database. That often does not reflect how new or old the files were when I obtained them, especially if the database was rebuilt. Would it be possible to add a sorting criterion that reads the file creation or mod dates (similar to what is visible in Finder “Get Info”)? This would be much more helpful when I am searching for recently obtained files, or when I am searching for something that I know was obtained five years ago, but I can’t remember the exact name.

#3: The text search field, at upper left of main window, is very small unless the pane containing music sources is expanded. Why not move it to the upper right of the window, where there is much more space?