A few UI bugs in Studio 1.4.5

Environment: “Late 2013” Macbook Pro, macOS 10.14.6 “Mojave”.

#1: Click on Thumbnail View icon at top of main window. All thumbnails are at minimum size. Use slider to set a larger size. Click on List View icon. Click on Thumbnail View again. Thumbnails are reset to minimum size (previous set size not respected). Now click on Show Settings icon at top right of main window. Click again on Show settings to escape settings view. Thumbnails now displayed at requested size.

#2: “Go to playing track” menu item does not work. Neither does its command key equivalent. I would expect that this would scroll to the playing track when it is not visible in list or thumbnail view, but nothing happens.

#3: [Intermittent] Pause icon sometimes does not appear (at window bottom) when a track is playing. Sometimes it also fails to appear next to the playing track in the list view. I’m not certain, but this behavior might be triggered by user clicking on tracks other than the one playing.