A+ Issues/Bugs in v1.3.0/1056 (Windows 10)

A Few Issues/Bugs in v1.3.0/1056 [Window 10]

  1. High Priority: In Settings -> Monitored Folders - manually refreshing a directory doesn’t appear to work anymore. The progress bar at the top of the window is no longer visible (it was in the prior version). Another indicator it’s not working is that the ‘Manual’ refresh date does not update (to show the latest refresh). I can’t tell if refresh is really working, except with simple tests, like removing a song from a local directory and refreshing A+(song stays in the app, when it should be removed)

-> Note Only when I delete and re-add the path does the progress bar appear and fix #2 below

  1. Low Priority: Some albums were split into two, post-upgrade. For example, an album will appear twice - with one album containing a single random track (e.g. #6) and in the other (identical) album, the remaining tracks are displayed. I’m wondering if it’s because that one song was ‘bookmarked’ as a favorite in the past (with the previous single album(?)…or because I have a copy of one in m4a format in one directory and a flac with identical metadata in anther directory(?). Strange. The original single album had 12 tracks, all of the same file type, created by the same ripper, and I cannot tell what metadata field might have caused this ‘album split’ problem

  2. Medium Priority: Sorting is occasionally buggy in the Album view. A few albums always appear towards the top of the Album view for no apparent reason (even with all the metadata filled out for every track in an album - including Album Artist, Composer, etc, e.g. for FLACs). Only after deleting/re-adding the path back to ‘Monitored Folders’ did it work (as described in the Note below #1 above).

  3. Low Priority: When viewing Albums - the tiny scroll bar on the right doesn’t page up or down when you click above/below the slider, respectively. It just inches down barely, so the user needs to click on the slider and drag up/down to page through albums. A bit inconvenient if you have 4000+ albums.

  4. Low Priority: Within an album, viewing tracks, if you double click on a track, the track pane ‘jumps’ down, showing only the tracks (and not the album art/description at top). I have to do a two-finger drag downward on the mouse pad to bring the album art back into view. Speaking of Album art and artist description, I’ve noticed that the artist description is sometimes duplicated in Tidal…as if two (programming) variables were concatenated together.

  5. Medium Priority: For albums and songs shown in the Local Library view, clicking the “…” doesn’t show an option to “Add to Playlist” (manually created earlier), but the feature does work with Tidal and Quboz albums/songs. To test, create a local playlist and try to add a song to it.

  6. Medium Priority: Filter is somewhat buggy. If you filter only on FLACs (which I keep in a separate directory named ‘FLACs’), sometimes other file types slip through and are displayed, e.g., an m4a file downloaded from iTunes (which I keep in a different directory…also monitored in the ‘Monitored Folders’ section).

  7. Low Priority: Under Monitored Folders, the columns/headers can’t be expanded to display long paths

Enhancement Requests…

  • Double clicking selected track starts/plays song. See #5 above for current problem.
  • Column Header sorting (click on column header and sort tracks on that column)

Enhance Keyboard support

  • Arrow up/down …the row selector/highlights correct song, but you can’t play it unless you click the play button. Pressing space bar should toggle play & stop of song
  • Pressing [Enter] key moves row selector to next song. It should play the highlighted song.


I have the same problem as described in 1.

Only way I can add a new album to my library is to delete the library and then add it back in. It then scans and the new album shows and plays ok. The manual update button no longer works neither does rescan at startup. I only have the delete button that works.

I also now have the text ‘anual,22/12/20’ added to the file path of the monitored folder.

I have audirvana installed on a laptop and my main PC both running Win 10 on the same network. The source file for both is on a server running Win 10 also.

Thanks for these reports.
Item #1 is already fixed for upcoming 1.3.1

Thanks for the quick response, Damien…look forward to the next release. Software dev isn’t easy (and it never really ends).

That’s the #8 I mentioned in the issues list I posted.

That view is really a grid object with 4 columns - folder, staus of refresh, a refresh icon and a trash icon. Since the columns are fixed length and can’t be expanded, you’re really seeing the folder and refresh status column mashed together.

I suspect the ‘anual, 22/12/20’ is supposed to read “Manual 22/12/2018” (as in the last time manually refreshed)

That sounds about right. I was puzzled where the wrong date came from though.

Thanks Damien for the prompt reply. Looking forward to it being fixed in the update.

Have a great Christmas everyone!

Bonjour Damien,

problème que je retrouve dans cette version :

Quand je veux appuyer sur le petit carré pour que l’appli épouse tout l’écran, cela ne fonctionne pas. Je suis obligé de décaler un peu la fenêtre puis étirer cette dernière pour qu’elle fasse tout l’écran.

Merci pour ton travail.

What I miss is the sequential number of a track in a playlist like you have in Tidal. The track number is no big deal in a playlist of different albums. I have one playlist of over 1000 tracks and it is hard to find where I left off. Also if I go to another playlist or a search, when I come back to the playlist it starts at the beginning again. I wish they would take you back to where you left off.

@kboul: I don’t get where this issue is. The number of remaining tracks to play is correct on the screenshot.

I’ve now release 1.3.1 fixing the high priority issue.
I’ll fix the others in upcoming releases.


Hi Damien,

I am playing track 5, so tracks 1to 4 should have had play count 1 and the date played. I know it is a small thing, but anyways since the columns are there…