A more appealing mini-player

I made a mockup of how the mini-player could be enhanced.
As of right now, it works as mini mini mini player with nearly no infos. I suppose some people like it this way.
As for me, I think the full UI of Audirvana works for setting up a listening session, but once it’s started, it’s not the most sleek UI. That’s where the mini-player can become really attractive.

So here’s how it looks now :

And here’s how it could look like :

Basically, I wish the trakclist was visible and accessible, the waveform view (ok I picked a terrible master for that, but you got the idea), more technical infos (on what’s played and what the receiver gets), maybe the ability to pick the output too. I am aware I am not inventing anything here, but I really think it would improve the appeal of this view.
Hope this will help some ideas to pop !
Thanks ^^


This is an interesting idea. I will share it with the team next week :wink:


Looks like mConnect Horizontal

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