A question for all Mac owners

First I would like to say that I’m very happy that I found Audirvana.
the quality and UI is amazing! (for me its the only way to use tidal).
Now to my question. I used Audirvana for long time on windows 10 but I switched to Mac.
I found That I have a problem with the media keys when using Audirvana. I know that I can found post about this issue but I want to know from other Mac users about the propriety of the media keys (play/pause, next, previous track)
I’m using the latest version of Audirvana software 3.5.41 and latest Macos version 10.15.7.
I gave accessibility to Audirvana (in privacy settings)
every other parameter is on (miscellanieseous settings -> use keyboard media keys)
I have Logitech K400 Plus that works very well with the Mac mini.
for me only pause/play works on Audirvana, Next/Previous track not function.
so I just want to know if media keys is working for you (Mac users) and what kind of keyboard you use.

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