A+ Remote 2.0?

Like many avid users of Audirvana Plus 3 and A+ Remote, I’m sure there is great anticipation for the release of A+ Remote version 2. This is because of the many feature requests that have been submitted over time. By the way, my two big requests are:

  1. Having the black rectangle containing the album name under the album cover picture in the “Albums” view to match the background color, whatever that color ends up being. This would allow the album cover picture to appear square again as it did long ago (and still does in the desktop version of Audirvana Plus 3).

  2. Adding a filter (or substituting an existing one) for “Year” to the sort options, just like the desktop version has. I love that my albums are sorted by the release year in the desktop version, so it would be great to have that capability in A+ Remote.

Anyway… is there any anticipated release date for A+ Remote 2.0?

Thank you–