A+ Remote App IOS please update

@ Damien,
could you please update the remote app for IOS in the following way?

I use the app and it is working perfect, but I have one issue which is really annoying.

When selected a playlist or in Qobuz the favourites [*] it loads the titles in the playing queue.
Now when you want to jump to an other title in the queue you have to select the „playing title“ at the bottom of the screen, than the symbol at the top = to open the queue.
So far so good.

But when the iPhone or iPad goes to screen saving/ sleep ( mine after 2 min, which means well fore most titles are completely played) and I now wake up the iPhone again to jump to an other title, the app returns from the playing queue to the playlist/ favourite.

So if I do not want to reload the whole playlist again, I have to go through all the above mentioned steps once more to get to the play queue.

Please change this, that the app returns to the last used screen, which was the playing queue.


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