A+ Remote does not work properly with new 3.5 Audirvana

A+ Remote does not work properly with new 3.5 Audirvana especially on iPad. Sort is in a mess and album artwork stop showing completely in large playlists.

This problem has been fixed with 3.5.10! Many thanks!

I am really happy that 3.5.10 had fixed your issues. It has not on my end. A+ Remote app doesn’t show artwork most of the time and its really sluggish with my set up, I’ve tried it on iPad AIr 2, 2018 iPad an 2018 iPad Pro 11” and I’ve no luck. It’s kinda frustrating.

Even the slow or incomplete appearance of album artworks has been solved with version 3.5.11!

I still have this problem even after updating to 3.5.11

I also have this problem al um artworks stop showing.

When selecting a song from my library a different song plays.

I have updated to 3.5.14 and still have the problem with the remote and artwork. Occasionally it displays correct album cover but then for next 4-10 songs the album artwork doesn’t change - even though the text shows it is playing a different album.

I have the same problem with 3.5.15 and the actuail A+ Remote. I use the iTunes playlist on an Mac mini with MacOS 10.12.6. After a few songs the cover will not be updated anymore in A+ Remote (on iPad air 2 and iPhone 8). that’s annoying!
No solutions…?