A + Remote iOS11 proof ?

Will A + Remote work properly with iOS 11 ?

It is.

It does!!!

Yes it does but i keep having some glitches with it when the app is open in background and i want to reconnect to my mac mini.
I often have to reselect the Mac.

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For me it stopped working for each device where I updated to IOS 11! I am looking for answers what is the problem, but foud no clue. I am on an ZTE experia box by KPN (glasvezel) and an additional Airport Extreme Time Capsule in bridgefunction. I guess Bonjouir problem finding my IMac.

Who has an idea?

Found it!! It costed me a week to found out how that works in my situation;

1 I renamed my Imac and all our other apple devices. Using short names without spatials.

2 Power off and on again all network and apple devices.

3 Power them all on again, but wait with the power for the apple time capsule router. All devices will have new Bonjour names now. Then power on the apple time capsule router and wifi.

4 Put all apple devices on the wifi of the apple time capsule, including Imac.

For me - in my setting - that did it…