A+ Remote Issues - HELP!

  1. The Track Playing view does not work when iPad is horizontal. More frustrating is that it has shown me it CAN work - for no reason I can figure out it worked on two occasions (and looks great), but that’s it. Is this operator error? Please help. I’m trainable.

  2. Is there a way to create new playlists from the remote app? I can’t figure out how. Yes , I can add to existing, but as far as I can see, I cannot create a new playlist from the remote.

  3. The Remote is not picking up a Smart Playlist created on my computer. I created a Smart Playlist to present the most recently added albums/songs. I like being able to easily get to those things that I’ve just purchased and added. On the computer, I can organize my Library to show just that by leading with the DATE ADDED column. There is no DATE ADDED way to organize the library on the Remote (but there should be). I figured if I created a sSmart Playlist on my computer then the Remote would display those tracks accordingly. Wrong. Instead it ignores the Smart List and shows the entire library as the playlist, just as it already does elsewhere in alphabetical order. Help!

There small things are terribly frustrating, and I’m about to go back to Roon, despite liking Audirvana’s SQ better.