A Remote on iPad unable to connect to app on Windows

I have recently upgraded my home network where the wifi device (an iPad in this case) that runs the A remote app is on a different subnet (192.168.3.x) than my music PC which runs Audirvana 3.5.39 (192.168.1.x). What’s the solution?

The easy answer is to run both on the same subnet.

I had a flat network but needed room for expansion and performance. By separating WiFi devices from my PCs and servers I have more control, speed and security.
So, what needs to be done for this to work? Is it a software limitation? Because I do enable routing between subnets.

You’ll have to fiddle with the multicast routing.

I was afraid this was the answer. I have a unifi Dream Machine Pro (latest firmware) and had to enable mDNS for this to work. I also turned on IGMP snooping to optimize broadcast traffic on each VLAN through this router. Thank you @bitracer for pointing me in the right direction. Please close this thread.

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