A single library with Qobuz favorites and main library items

I dream to be able to navigate on items of a single library including both my local items and the Qobuz favorites : this single library would blur the difference between local album/tracks I own and the ones I choose as favorites with Qobuz.

This comes from the fact that more and more I do not buy an album but I only select it as a favorite from my streaming provider. I would like it to be merged with the other items I own.

This could be also available wirth any streaming providers.


You might like Roon. They merge everything together and you need filters to see what is your own stuff and what is from Qobuz.
It’s one of the reasons I like and use Audirvana more. It keeps my own library clean and separate from the stuff I’m borrowing temporarily (as long I as subscribe).

I know I’m probably an exception but I hope, if Aurdirvana ever goes this way, they provide an option to keep things separately.

I do not think that the Qobuz favorites are “temporary” . In fact I think that the Quobuz “favorites”, as they are now, is the new way to create a permanent library out of what is proposed by Qobuz , the same way you create a library from the albums you buy physically. Then from this library you could have a way to select favorites.
Said in another way, I think there are 3 levels : the physical or virtual store ( Qobuz in this case) , my permanent library I create when buying physical records or selecting from the virtual store the album I like and finally my temporary favorites I create from my library.

By the way I was not aware that Roon was proposing something similar I proposed.

As long as you pay your monthly membership they are there. If you ever decide to cancel Qobuz or switch to Tidal, Amazon HD, Spotify, and plenty more to follow, they will be all gone in one second.

I’m currently with Tidal and I’m sure that will not be forever. I have several Tidal playlists that are separate from my own library. When I notice I’m playing a Tidal album over and over and I decide I want to have this permanently, I buy the digital version and add it to my own library. When I cancel Tidal, no grief…

I’m sure Tidal also would like to have everything mixed, it will encourage me to keep paying…

I understand the “temporary” concern and your usage , but it can be solved another way : nothing prevents to copy/ paste all the streaming provider favorites album/artist names (with a filter) in order to restore them with another streaming provider if needed . Yes, it wil be some work but this occurs not very often and it avoids to buy the digital version.

I buy the digital version mostly to support the artists, bands, etc. that create music I like.
As far as I understand, unless you’re a super star with millions of plays, smaller and lesser known artists can not survive from what they get paid by the streaming service.
I use Tidal to discover new music and buy what I really like. (But I realize that I’m the exception here and that is not how most people use it)