A way to disable volume control? Got hit with full blast audio


I was testing streaming from my Macbook to my Hegel H90 integrated amp. Managed to play music both over Airplay and network. Worked really well to be honest.

The problems started when I stumbled on the volume setting. The “maximum audio volume limit” feature sounded like a good idea. From the name, I though that it set a hard limit on how loud the software would set amps volume at the loudest. Oh boy was I wrong.

I set “maximum audio volume limit” to 50% as I normally listened to at 43% max volume (83dB). 43% was the number displayed on my integrated amp when I set the max volume slider to 50% and enabled the software volume control.

After that I pressed play and started to test what would happen if I would now touch the volume slider of the desktop player. The same second I tapped the volume slider, my amp’s volume was set to 100%. My ears and gear are not quite the same after that incident.

I unplugged all speaker cables and repeated the test multiple times. Regardless what the amps volume is set to before setting the max volume and enabling the software volume control, the first time I touch the volume slider, the integrated amps volume spikes first way over 75% before falling back to intended volume. Happens both with Airplay and with the integrated amp set to DLNA mode.

As I seem to have misunderstood how the max volume control works, would be possible to add an option that would stop Audirvana taking control of the volume on my amp? Currently do not feel safe letting my kids use the product as they might accidentally set the volume to 100% (yes, they are able to do it manually, but manual way takes time. The Audirvana volume change is instant a spiky).

Update: tested my setup against Roon and the max volume setting works without a problem with Roon. This makes my think that there might a bug in the Mac version of the Audirvana player.

Any way I can help to track down the cause of the bug?

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