A Word of Thanks

I know I come to these forums once in a while to report bugs or ask for better (or fixed) features, but I just wanted to express my newly acquired love of Audirvana Origin for Windows.

I just got a new sound device which is a chinese-made DDC “Audio-gd D!-24”. In addition to sounding great, Audirvana really loves this device. When I use kernel streaming mode, it identifies the device as a “Steinway Lyngdorf” unit, and it automatically applies some extreme settings. I’m guessing those units share the same Amanero USB interface as my DI-24.

Long story short, the sound quality is now AMAZING! It is even better than ASIO mode, which I didn’t think could be done. It looks like the “Steinway Lyngdorf” preset limits my DSD playing capabilities to DSD128, but no worries, I can just switch to ASIO mode right from the remote and get up to DSD512 support from the DDC.

So instead of complaining like usual (LOL!) I just wanted to give props where props are due. Thank you Audirvana!


this device seems to be one of the best (if not the best) of its kind. I do not own it but I follow a very interesting thread on Head-Fi:

Glad that it works so well with Audirvana.
May I ask you which DAC do you have exactly and how do you connect the DI-24 to it.