A3.5 MacOS Dock Icon Media Actions


I was hoping this would be fixed in a coming update, but I hear this versions being discontinued?

Most other media player apps (itunes, spotify, tidal) provide actions, if you right click the dock icon to play/pause/skip etc. Is there any chance we can get this functionality without needing to move up to Audirvana Subscription? (is it even present in the new version?)

On the topic of media actions though,

For personal preference reasons / security reasons, I choose not to give accessibility access, which means the media keys dont work. This is a gripe on apple’s part, I think needing to give accessibility access just to enable media keys is far too wide ranging a permission. Although interestingly tidal, does not need this privilege to be able to play/pause. Perhaps this is due to different audio apis they are using under the hood? What is the technical reason why a3.5 does not work with media keys, without being granted accessibility access to control my computer?


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