A3+ Trial version

I’ve had no issues using A2+ for years with itunes integration with Audirvana proxy files on a Mac Mini OSx 10.10.4 Yosemite. I upgraded on a trial version recently to A3 and cannot get the itunes integration to work. The direct mode from my FLAC files appears to work and the streaming function on premium TIDAL. Just a note, as soon as I check itunes integration Mode the Audirvana A3 window disappears and reverts to the Old Audirvans 2+ Icon.

This is exactly what the legacy integration mode is.

Hi Damien,
Thanks for the response. I apologize for not understanding. Are you saying that on the trial version of A3, my itunes files (Audirvana Proxy) and control will not work? I’ve uninstalled A2 and A3 and reinstalled and no luck with playing through my itunes control. When I try to play files using itunes , A3 and A2 tries to start the files but skips through all my files unless I stop it. I also cannot seem to add files through Audirvana .
Any chance I can extend the trial to straighten this out. I’ve never had this much difficulty with the Audirvana, maybe Audirvana is not installed correctly.

Why still using iTunes… just load your music folder in A+ library tab, and be free! :slight_smile:

I have the files in the A+ library and it works fine. However I have multiple issues with double track entries, albums with tracks split into 2 albums and other transfer issues that I didn’t have before. A new issue is that I can’t add new files into the library. I can see the album in the backround but it won’t transfer and A+ locks up. Need to get the bugs out before I pull the trigger. I’m new to the posts so I haven’t found any discussion that addresses my issues. Thanks.

After uninstalling everything Audirvana and reinstalling I was able to finally use the itunes integrated mode only in A2.6.8. The itunes integrated mode will not work on my trial A3.1.1. Not that I’m favoring itunes ode, I just wanted it to function. Does anybody have any ideas?

I paid and upgraded from 2.x to 3 and is now on 3.1.2
I’m no longer using iTunes Integrated mode, but I do have double entries showing up on my albums :frowning: this is true for A+ and A+ Remote
During playback it just skips the second (duplicate song). Tried to do Library check / rebuild / restart, that did not help.
Checked my files, nothing wrong here.

…and fixed. Complete removal of Audirvana in all corners of OS X, reboot, clean install 3.1.2
Up and running nicely again using UPnP - Volumio 2.246 as my renderer :slight_smile: