I realized I had to purchase the new registration and I did. What a beautiful SQ in MQA with my ME2.
BUT that is all that plays is my handmade TIDAL playlists and individual TIDAL MASTERS! With 1-2 white lights or none with the MQA blue light.
NOTHING ELSE plays ie non MQA TIDAL playlists I have made TIDAL albums non MQA albums Qobuz doesn’t play.
By that i mean the albums/songs are playing on A3 the sound bar is moving there are 3 white lights on ME2 but NO SOUND the only music I can hear is if I play an MQA album/playlist- isn’t that just so bizarre?
Someone please help me!
If I use the Qobuz desktop or TIDAL desktop MQA and non MQA play and I have sound but not with A+3
PLEASE HELP Damien or someone else


Have you synced your libraries up since the upgrade? Have you tried adding a new song to the system and tried playing it?

thanks haven’t synced the libraries since the purchase of A+3 let us hope that is the problem thank you

Damien appears to have migrated to Computer Audiophile…

Damien might have a nice product, but his support sucks! It’s not that he doesn’t work on stuff…he just communicates poorly. When he does respond, sometimes it on Facebook, sometimes on CA, and rarely here. It’s confusing and frustrating!

Why has no one responded to my problem? I have emailed support I have posted here and on CA.
I do not have any music reproduction EXCEPT when playing MQA TIDAL playlists(made by me) or albums which are TIDAL ‘MASTERS’. I get no music when playing TIDAL HiFi albums or my other playlists that I made on TIDAL and also get no sound from Qobuz on A+3.
The sound bar is moving songs are ‘playing’ and my DAC a new ME2 has 3 white lights showing. The only music I hear is MQA generated.
Does anyone have any idea how to solve this?
I have shut down my mac mini twice and rebooted disconnected my DAC and reconnected it and same I still have the same problem.
If I go to either TIDAL WEB desktop app or to Qobuz app I get music/sound MQA or HiFi on TIDAL and FLAC 16/44.1 on Qobuz but NOT on A+3.
Could someone help me where is Damien where is Audirvana ‘SUPPORT’??
I must say the MQA sound reproduction is pristine and beautiful-the of all my ‘players’ but TIDAL’s selections are limited- I even get 354.2kHz on some albums ie 2L.

you can read and try posting your bug here:

RunHomeSlow: I have already done that twice post #110 and #169. Not even Jud has responded let alone Damien(Damien78). Maybe a ‘PM’ to Chris or Damien maybe the way to go. Thanks for the thought though.I am surprised Damien has not responded he has always been very quick in my experience via email but he is only one person doing a yeoman’s work-so I’ll just wait. It is not the end of the world as I said I get TIDAL HiFi/masters-MQA on the WEB app and get FLAC on Qobuz desktop app(even their new WEB player/page works for me in USA) and ROON gives me MQA with same blue light and one or two white lights when I play my own made TIDAL MASTERS playlists.
What I miss is having TIDAL/Qobuz/my iTunes library of 30000 songs/800 cd’s all at my fingertips.
Thanks again

I also have a ME2, and it plays all tracks.
Maybe it is a firmware issue? Can you check with Meridian if you have the latest firmware?

Or do you have any Audio Unit plugin, SW volume control, … enabled that would mute the sound?
The difference when playing MQA to a MQA decoder DAC like the ME2 is that any audio processing in Audirvana Plus is bypassed to send the MQA signal in a bit perfect manner.

@damien: This is not an ME2 issue. All my other players play both MQA and non MQA material ie the TIDAL desktop plays both, the Qobuz desktop and their WEB player plays all their music plus my playlists in FLAC and ROON plays everything.BUT my iTunes library doesn’t play on anything either ver and I have been reluctant to upgrade it plus I have resync’d everything on A+3.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled A+3 ver 3.02(3006) and rebooted my mac mini-I have reuploaded ME2 firmware v1717 several times and unplugged and replugged the ME2 and still all A+3 plays is MQA!
I changed nothing on A+ when I went from ver 2.6.6 to A+3.
I have spoken to Meridian Audio USA and sent an email to Meridian UK.
It is not the ‘END of the WORLD’ as we know it-I just love A+ for having TIDAL/Qobuz/iTunes all at my fingertips.
Should I contact MQA? Or can you or can you tell me how to contact them?

AGAIN to reiterate: A+3 does 'play material that is non MQA the sound bar moves A+3 shows me the bitrates in upper right and left hand corners and the ME2 shows 3 white lights but I get NO SOUND.

YOU have a great product the MQA material is pristine and beautiful I even get 24/352.8 on some albums. I just miss having all the other features ie non MQA material.

Hi. Apparently I missed the announcement that A+3 was available. Was there an announcement?

I am having a hard time finding any information on what is in the new A+ over 2.6. Is there a release note or feature list available somewhere?

I feel this was a very poorly-communicated release, but if I’m not subscribed to the right channels, let me know and I’ll follow along.

Edit: apologies. I didn’t realize there was a facebook/twitter account. I have subscribed!

The announcement was on Forum on Facebook and www webpage. Sorry that daimian didnt Worte you a Personal letter.


I don’t follow/wasn’t aware of the facebook page. It’s not inconceivable that the people responsible for Audirvana would send an email, now that you mention it. We sign up for that when we purchase our license. I can do without the snark.

@damien, is there a bulk license option? I’d love to be able to run Audirvana+ on 3 machines, but the full license fee feels a bit steep compared with other options.

cheers, and thanks for the update! Some preliminary listening sounded great.

There is no such bulk license. Though send me an email, and I’ll see what I can do for you.