Ability to select 'Mini-Player' on startup and ability to shutdown Windows

Am using Audirvana Studio on a Windows music PC connected to a TV for display purposes.

It would be quite beneficial if there is an ability to “close AS and shutdown Windows” from within Remote app (both Android and iOS) without the need to use a keyboard connected to the server PC - would be quite a useful feature IMO.
Additionally, it would be good to select “Mini-Player” in the Settings → Appearance → startup view which would automatically show the track info once selected to play from within remote.

I have setup auto-signin and auto startup of AS on the music PC but invariably have to go back to keyboard for shutdown and opening the mini player view currently which is little inconvenient/ avoidable in a way.

Pl explore possibility of adding these features in the upcoming releases or if there is any work around possible.

best regards

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