About album order

Regarding the order of the songs in the album, it will be in alphabetical order by title, but is it possible to order them in track number order?

I om Windows, but if you are on a Mac it should be the same. First. If you do not have a track number column then click right in the title bar of the trackview and select ‘Track #’

Now you see the column track number. If it is not in a place you like you can drag it to the left or right place with your mouse. I dragged it to the left in the picture below.

Now you can left click on the title of the column track number to sort it ascending or descending.

I found it is much more practical to rename the physical files on disc with a preceding tracknumber as well, this makes it much more convenient (not only in Audirvana) to sort your tracks in any music software.
For instance for the album above I named the files on disk like:

01 - Tsunami.flac
02 - Tin Wiskers.flac


FWIW. I’m on macOS Ventura and Studio. I do have tracks in metadata and the Tracks column in all views. I do not have track numbers in titles. My playback is always from track 1 through to the end.