About opportunities or not opportunities of the second license


I would like to clear a situation with 2 licenses

I have got on August 25, 2017 the license Audirvana No. 62934872

with the purpose to give a gift

And on August 28, 2017 I have every other day got the license Audirvana Order No. 62940867 which I use now

I registered both purchases not one e-mail address of mail

Have so developed circumstances that on August 25 I haven’t presented the first license and continued to use the second of August 28

Not so long ago I have remembered the first purchase on (an external SSD disk I have developed the copy of my macOS) In Audirvana in settings left through Revoke License and have entered a key of the first license of August 25 but couldn’t become authorized with the first license though since purchase time I never used her

Would I like to learn there is an opportunity to convert these two licenses in one cross-platform version?

If isn’t present, you can take away to yourself the first license of August 25 62934872 as there is no sense it to update to 3.5 version for the price more initial purchase



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