About shuffle and play queue

I’m wondering if I can keep the queue status to play or not. When exiting the app and back in, the play queue is always shuffled, which is frustrating for me sometimes. or that the play queue status cannot be maintained because of the limitation of the app.

Screenshot 2023-05-11 152707

you have clicked the to button for shuffle and repeat…
they are in blue in your photo, unchecked them

Is there any other way to keep the shuffle songs state, since if shuffle is off then the songs in my queue will play in their order in the playlist which I don’t want the tediousness?

In Audirvana you can save the files in the queue to a playlist that keeps the tracks in order of the shuffled state. Next time you want to play it in that order use that playlist.
As far as Iam aware this works about the same in all music players I know. Correct me if I am wrong.
Or maybe I do not understand your problem and you want another solution?

My point is that it’s irritable because apps like Tidal can do that even if they’ve shuffled out and back in. The play queue remains the same status. :smirk:

Note : I frequently need freshness of the play queue as I don’t want to be too static in the play queue.

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