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How do I control when the Audio Units Graphic Equalizer is displayed or used?

I didn’t even know there was an equalizer in Audirvana until I selected a 196khz track.
It popped up and immediately the sound quality degraded so much that I thought my IEMs were blown out. I tried adjusting the EQ from the flat curve, but there was distortion regardless of what I did.

The AU EQ is displayed and used depending on the type of track that select. I’m currently using a Dragonfly Red 1.0.7, so anything over 96khz/24 pops open the EQ. If I switch back to 96/24 or lower (with this DAC), the window disappears and the audio is much better.

I swapped out the DragonFly for a GeekOut 2A, which is a 2xDSS, 384kHz/32 DAC and t now see the EQ opening on all tracks.

How can I prevent this EQ from opening at all? It’s really that bad

I’m running Audirvana 3.5.43 on my Macbook Pro with OS 10.12.6.
Until yesterday when I was choosing an Audio effect (EQ) I was able to have the real time control active with no issue.
Since this morning if this function is enabled the player starts to load the track and the appears the message “stopping the audio unit” and the music stops.
I have tried to uninstall Audirvana and re download re install it, without success.
Can you please help me?
Thank you for your kind attention

I cant even find out where to download the vts plugins help!!!