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Use this category for any questions related to the Advanced Playback Console of Audirvāna Studio.

  • You need more information about what do you see in the setting dashboard?

  • You have a feedback to share about this feature?

  • You want to share analyze of your favorite tracks with the Audio File Analyzer?

PS: you can share screenshots of it :wink:

There is a bug with the volume control “+” and “-” buttons and dongle DACs. Whichever button I press the volume is reduced to the minimum. This can be replicated with the built in audio as well.

Luckily, I can manage the volume by clicking directly on the volume bar.

What happened to the blue and the green dot when playing MQA content? Now it just says MQA or MQA Studio. Please bring back the dot.

The radio station can’t be marked as favourite by clicking on the heart in the far upper left. The hart also doesn’t reflect the current status of the station (marked as favourite or not).

Pause button is not usable when playing radio stations. I can pause the radio station from the “Play” menu though. Would be more useful to have the “Stop” button instead of unusable “Pause” button in the console when playing radio stations.

Audio File Analyzer feature really needs to be explained in details somewhere to the education of the newcomers to hi Res world. What does that graph means, per example? I get it that it says if your file is really HD using algorithm with several criteria, but I wanna know all the details, I wanna be able to read and understand all.
Thank you and keep improving!