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I think seeing Artist as list is not ready yet as mention,
will be more easier and more to see in one window without scrolling.

Pict 1, 2: Also when 3 in a row image… smaller image ok, but not smaller font…

Pict 3: Please when clicking Adrian Belew… i want to see ALL his albums,
not a big empty picture and having to click See All like in Studio desktop

Pict 4: Same as the desktop Studio i would love to see or be at Start of Studio and Remote
at last view or Local… not again a big empty window at start…

Thank you.

Thank you Damien for your dedicated work having released the remote as promised.
for me it works very well under Big Sur version of my MacBook Air

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Thanks Damien
French people support you and it was worth waiting the IOS remote which works well on my IPad !! The pleasure is back !!...all complains will be forgotten as usual but you were strong enough not to feel desesperate…