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It lost all my favourite stations from the beta when I installed the official version of the Audirvana Studio (1.0).

This was due to a API update we had to make for radio during the beta, sorry that we didn’t warn you when it happened.

Hi Damien,
Really pleased with the new Studio so far, I don’t use local files as all my music is streamed from either Qobuz or Tidal or Radio streaming which I tend to have on all day via a Naim Muso 2 in our kitchen/dining/chilling area.
Until Studio arrived I have been using Roon for a number of years, which has been fine but I am hoping to replace this by your new offering.
The biggest problem I have is a very annoying irregular drop out of the radio stream, it happens randomly sometimes only for a split second but the music just drops then carries on for no apparent reason.
This happens on all the stations I have tried so far, not on Qobuz or Tidal, just the radio, I have a very fast internet connection 30mb download and this has NEVER happened on Roon.
Can you think of any reason for this and how to cure, ie any changes to the Studio settings etc.
Thank you for all your efforts, I really hope they pay off.
PS. the Radio offerings and ability to search for stations in Studio is a VAST improvement to Roons implementation!!

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I added a dozen or more radio stations including www.kusc.org. None will play. Get an error re can’t load/find tracks? Not even getting downloads and playing that stop. Literally all radio stations are non-starters.

That happens to me quite a lot too, what I have to do is quit Audirvana then re-start it after which the radio stations will play again (for a while).
Also some of the stations that I have clicked the heart :purple_heart: icon on to put them into my favourites don’t always appear at a later time in my favourite lists, but if I search for the station again it still has the heart icon ticked.
I wish Damien would respond to some of these issues, it would appear that there are quite a few bugs still to be sorted out :exploding_head:


Hi Damien
Why I don’t have any radio under Type, Location, and Language sub-category ? Only Local and High Quality works ?
Concerning Podcast I also got nothing ?
Is this supposed to work or waiting a future update ?

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I have the same as you. Mac with High Sierra.

“I have to do is quit Audirvana then re-start it after which the radio stations will play again (for a while).”

If I can get a radio station to play I cannot change stations with out quitting Audirvāna Studio and restarting to be able to play another station. I find the radios section unusable at this time.

Yes, it is still happening for me, this is both very frustrating and annoying, I am regularly having to Re-Start Audirvana to get another station to play and I am also constantly having stations that I have put into my favourites disappear and having to search for them again.
All of this is making me feel like returning to Roon, at least everything functions as it should there.
I am also very disappointed that Damien has not made any comments about this here, he must know it is happening, I feel if he doesn’t address this soon he may as well pack in experimenting with AS & stop expecting us to accept the poor implementation that AS is becoming!!

The software is currently NOT fit for purpose Damien and unless you comment about all these issues and address them urgently, I will certainly not carry on being used as a Guinea Pig for you

I am suffering this issue also on a Macbook Pro with Big Sur. I have to restart AS to regenerate the radio stations. It’s a hassle and it should be fixed. I am a subscriber to AS

I was just searching the database for information on this issue. I have the same problem - frequent but irregular dropout of radio transmission, for a split second, but very annoying. It’s not the network (no problem on other streaming devices). Any suggestions yet about settings, or is it a problem in the software?