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I absolutely hate the required procedure going from one computer to another. This seems way too complicated and unlike Audirvana 3.5.

App team please fix this horrible user experience.

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When I click on a track and an album it does not play for its full length, it only plays for 30 seconds and then moves on to the next track. I am very unhappy with this is I didn’t pay for something that didn’t and doesn’t work. Please tell me how I can fix this fatal flaw.

Richard (breeze)

Why close (crash)studio 2.0 automatically on my notebook with win 11 after a while?

Sometimes after playing a few songs.

The newest version of Audirvana Studio Japanese edition (with Ventura 13.3.1) can’t play a music file whose path (file name or folder name) contains a letter with accent or Umlaut. The application recognises the file, but skips it.