Accessing Studio Via Remote with 3.5 Still Installed

I downloaded a trial of Studio as an existing Audirvana user. Rather than plug in a monitor, keyboard and mouse, I am using Splashtop on my iPad as a way to access my Mac Mini.
For some reason, the new remote only wants to connect me to the old version of Audirvana (3.5 or whatever I last upgraded to); the only way I can see the “new” Studio is via Splashtop- which is emulating the desktop of the Mini, rather than accessing it through the remote on my iPad.
Call me confused. I’m not faulting the software- it may be me.
I have noticed that every time I shut off Splashtop, I have to reauthorize exceptions to my firewall to allow Studio to control the computer-- for some reason, that setting, once made, is forgotten when Splashtop is closed.
And, yes, the new Studio interface is analyzing my files- I read a little about that here, but it’s not my gripe right now.
In short, my issue is that I have both versions (old Audirvana) and Studio on the same computer- Mac mini but the remote only allows access to the old one. Should I disable the old one from the exceptions to firewall?
I had the impression several users were running both sets of software (3.5 as well as Studio) on the same computer for the purposes of comparing them. Any help from the user group here would be appreciated. You folks have been good to me. :slight_smile: Bill Hart

Make sure both versions of Audirvana are shut down. Shut down your iPad Audirvana remote. Make sure it is shut down, not just minimized. Then, start up whichever version of Audirvana you want to use. After it is up and running on your computer, open the Audirvana remote on your iPhone or iPad. It will display 6 digits on your computer screen and ask you to enter those into your remote device. You are then connected. You will have to repeat the process to switch to the other version of Audirvana.

That sounds easy. Thank you. Will try after dinner. I pulled the big guns out- even dragged out a wired keyboard, whoa! Your suggestions and steps make complete sense! (Frightening given that I am a luddite). Will report once I’ve tried this.

And, you don’t need to shut down the iPad, just make sure the Audirvana Remote app is shut down completely. You want to disconnect the remote completely from the previously connected version of Audirvana.

@Jim_F - your instructions worked like a charm. Bingo!
One thing that sort of misled me was that the app doesn’t have nearly the amount of detail that the dashboard of the software does when looking at it on the computer on which Studio is installed. But, that’s a story for another day.
I owe you a beer or tasty meal. Ever get to Austin?
My thanks,
Bill Hart

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Glad it worked for you Bill.


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