Accidentally deleted 3.5 - Redownload?

While trying to do the 1.4 update during my Studio trial, I accidentally deleted 3.5 rather than Studio As I have had lots of problems with Studio, I wanted to keep 3.5 installed if I choose not to subscribe to Studio. Unfortunately, it does not appear there is anyplace to download it again.

I am a fully-licensed owner who would like to continue to use what he paid to purchase despite his stupid uninstallation error. How can I do so?

1.3? That sounds like Audirvana Studio as well.

Are you sure you don’t mean 3.5, since that’s the previous version Audirvana. If so, then check the link below on the page Download - Audirvana

Yes, I did mean 3.5. Sorry for brain fade and glad you knew what I meant.

Thank you for the link. I missed it.

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