Account renewed and charged without ANY prior warning

Hi, today I received an email from paypal I was charged 69.99€ for another year of Studio.
This happened without any warning from your side.

  • No warning in Audirvana, and no email that my subscription was about to end. An no warning that I was about to be charged for another year. Just one email from paypal that I lost 69.99€.

I have barely used Audirvana this year and I was NOT ready to renew my subscription for the same reason. So I wanted to decide for myself IF and especially WHEN I renew my subscription.

Is this the new behaviour of companies to just charge their customers without notifying them before hand? You are about to lose me.

The conditions will state that you agree to an ‘automatic annual renewal’. You can stop the next renewel at any time by pressing a button in ‘my Audirvana’. You could send an email to support to ask if they can still terminate the contract for this year.


This is certainly not just a Audirvāna behavior. It has gotten out of control that companies feel like they are entitled to charge your bank card without an express consent from the customer. Instead they require you to find the opt out of automatic renewal check box. I have been using Audirvāna on a monthly subscription basis and though the previous month I remember to check the no automatic renewal option in November I must have forgotten to, guess what happened. Again not just a Audirvana company issue but these companies are taking advantage of the consumers. Frankly I don’t think this should be legal. You should have to manually opt in to automatic renewal not the other way around.

Edit: Just for clarification I should state automatic renewal’s aside I have always found that the folks who run the Audirvāna company are some of the most upstanding, honest and fair people that are a absolute pleasure to work with. I am sure that they will do everything possible to make @MQA_Tester happy.
I :heart: Audirvāna


If you use PayPal you can also cancel the automatic payment from PayPal app. So they can’t charge you again even If You forgot to modify settings in Audirvana Account. You will receive an email from Paddle with “payment failed, blah blah blah”. I always delete automatic payments from PayPal If I’m not sure I want to renew the contract.


Hi @MQA_Tester,

Please reach out to so we can talk about this with you. We will need the email you used to create your Audirvāna account to find you in our database.

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Hi Antoine. I did not want to renew Studio for another year. My renewal date was 5/16/24 and was charged for an annual subscription at $69.99 on 5/15/24.

Kindly cancel my subscription and process a refund for me ASAP Thanks.

Hi Victor,
We have initiated the refund process for your unwanted subscription renewal. You should get the money back in a couple of days.

Great thanks.